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Polycamp wrap up

My camp experience under the cut tags.  No LJ names because it will just take too much brain space..


Storm took me to breakfast and then we picked up the cargo van. Michael C and Mark J came over and helped me load the van with stops at Erosong and Katie Zs house to pick up more stuff (and Katie). Then it was off to the wilds of Tumwater. 


Katie and I stopped at the costco in Tumwater, finished buying the groceries and then headed to Millersylvania. But there was a snafu with the GPS and we ended up circling Tumwater a couple of times and then the park a couple of times. It ended up taking us 90 minutes to go five miles. We finally got to the park around 2pm and the unloading and setting up fun began. Katie did a stellar job all weekend running the kitchen, which was the biggest operation of the weekend. Over the next few hours the rest of thursday's campers arrived and we sat down to dinner around 7pm (spaghetti). There were about 35 people at camp Thursday and it was a pretty low-key and fun evening. I got to bed around 11 I think and had the hardest mattress on earth. Got very little sleep.




Michael ran registration most of the day. Second Costco run for me. And then workshops started up. The Deb and Dave Snake experience was a total hit, as was femo clay (making nametags) and the no-sew collages and bookbinding. Some things got dropped because of presenters not getting to camp yet (they got rescheduled for sat) and after dinner we saw the edited-together version of "Family" which was much better strung together than in little 8 minute bites. 76 campers by this point. It began raining around dinner time – not hard, but enough that I’m glad those who wanted roofs had them and that we had covered areas for all our activities.


Slept much better because Linda Y. loaned me a foam pad which made it possible to sleep! Yay friends. 


Sometime around 1am apparently some kids in a quarry behind the park decided to turn it into a shooting range. A lot of our campers heard the shots and were alarmed. The rangers and the cops checked it out and on Saturday night the same stupid kids showed up again and were arrested. Yay for stupidity. 




We moved the arts and crafts workshops into the lodge and the talking workshops into the outdoor classrooms because of the rain. But nobody minded because we had shelter and it wasn’t cold. Saturday morning Katie came to me and said “we don’t have campers, we have locusts” and so I went on my third Costco run. We ended up spending quite a bit more on food then budgeted but fortunately we had the cash on hand. 


It was really a splendid day all round; folks hung out, played with clay and cloth, the Mad Hatter Tea party, boating on the lake, hike in the woods, lots of great talk and conversation, good food, and in the evening FABU karaoke. I got up several times to sing. Left the hall at 12:30 in the morning and it was still going on. 




Was a mad rush to get cleaned up and off-site by 11am. Closing circle I got all verclempt and cried. I was really touched by all that had happened over the weekend. Before circle I had some time to myself and walked the grounds and the feeling came to me that I had really accomplished something good with Polycamp and I feel complete about how things went.


It took us until 1pm to clear check-out (including mopping that kitchen for a third time and the men’s bathroom a second time) – boy they are persnickety there. But dealing with the public they have to be or the facility would go to hell in no time.

On the way home Katie and I stopped at Sidhaven for a hot tub and a rest (getting thoroughly turned around and lost on the way, just to complete the pattern from the drive down) and I got home around 8pm and then fell-down-go-boom. 


I hope Polycamp continues in one form or another. Personally I’m planning on going to Polycamp Too up in BC next summer and if folks take up Polycamp NW and make it continue I’ll be there too. 


Hugs to everyone.


All my love





Sep. 3rd, 2009 09:54 pm (UTC)
Thank you for being the creator and driving force behind this. It was my first year, and having just heard about it on Thursday, we only made it for Saturday/ Sunday morning, but I love it!

I've got experience running all volunteer events, and cooking for large crowds of people so if there's anything I can do to keep this going, just let me know. :)


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