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Picnic this Sunday

Hey Folks


July 12th 11-3pm
Rhododendron Park in Bothell
6910 NE 170th Street
Kenmore WA
Google Maps here

Celia et.al. are providing the charcoal, you bring food to grill and sides. 

Rhododendron Park is a great place - there's a wonderful slide and stuff for kids, a ball field, plenty of room to run around.  We have the picnic shelter. 

I'll be there too - so those of you who have questions about Polycamp or want to hand in your registrations, this is your chance. 

Come and have fun

Tree & Celia

The ELC Site Map

Site Map for ELC

Polycamp is coming soon.  Don't forget, registrations have to be in by the end of July which is just SIX weeks away! 

On June 15th there will be a pre-camp meeting - send me an email at polycampgoddess AT gmail DOT com and I'll send you the address.  The schedule, menu and other hot topics will be discussed and decided on. 

Hope to see you there!


June 15th - Polycamp Meeting in Wedgewood
July 31st - Pre-camp Registration ends (if you want meals at camp this is very important!)
August 27th, 2pm, site opens (you can attend camp without pre-registering, just no meals available)

So far, some of what we have planned is:

Karaoke, Mad Hatter Tea Party, cool arts n crafts with Woosi Wildwood and Sue Tinney, games...

There's the lake, boats, boffers, hiking, maybe some lawn bowling or croquet???

Workshops in Poly 101, advanced Poly, a discussion with Rosann Hannon, PhD and Dave Hall, PhD on sexuality, poly and families...

This year I'd like to highlight the intersection of Poly & Kink and Poly& Queer and explore these aspects of our overlapping communities....

What would you like to do?

Planning meeting this Sunday around 7pm

Hey Folks
I would like to schedule a large Polycamp Planning meeting (and board meeting) hopefully for the upcoming Sunday evening at my house.  I will make a pot of veggie chili for folks to munch on. 
The purpose of this meeting will be to delegate a lot of the planning for camp this year - my personal life has blossumed some big problems and I need folks to step up and take over planning of the food, the schedule...pretty much everything but the registration which I want to keep in my hands.  And I won't be checking up on folks - we're going to need people who can really follow-through on their commitments and take charge of their areas. 
If you'd like to come to the meeting but Sunday evening around 7pm will not work for you, PLEASE email me back with three suggested days and times in the next two weeks.  This will give me an opportunity to find a day and time that the most people can attend.  We may have two meetings if its necessary. 
Please leave any questions in the comments or  email me with with your RSVP (polycampgoddess at gmail) then I'll send you address and directions (I'm in Lake Forest Park). 
Thanks everyone
Polycamp Goddess



EEK! Proposed closure of State Parks!

We finally get into Millersylvania and there's a chance it could be closed due to budget cuts! 

Under the cut tag is more info and ways to take action.   Time to mobilize the Poly Community.  If Millersylvania closes that's the end of Polycamp.

How to keep our Park Alive:Collapse )

The State Parks Commission will not make any final decisions until the Legislature approves a 2009-11 budget.

The Legislature is scheduled to adjourn April 26, and a special meeting of the commission will be called a week or two afterward.

That's at least 8 weeks to make a difference.</div></div>



Hi Friends,   No, it isn't time for polycamp yet, but I hope many of you can make this fun event.
The More Poly Fairy Prom is Sunday. 

We need some things to help transform the space into a giant, enchanted forest.  Can you help?
Our work party is 2-5 on Friday at the CSPC....

We need:
Spray paint:  especially red, light blue, deep green and sparkle

Tempra or poster paints (for large photo backdrop)  red, yellow, blue, black, white, green, deep green

Large butterflies or other insects
butcher paper or newspaper end rolls
balloons -- white, translucent blue

Any thing from a fairy world or a fairy tale. 

Special help with the fairy cove and PAINTERS!

Please reply with what you can bring.It's best if you can come to the work party on Friday.  IF not,  things can be dropped of at the center, Wednesday is best as I'm there from 3:30, just make sure they are clearly labeled.


I can't wait to see your costumes on Sunday.  If anyone has anything extra, I could use costume help.

Poly Fairy Prom
Dust off your fairyworlds attire!  Come enjoy a night of splendor!
The classic, unforgettable night, except with more fun outfits and as many dates as you want! Are you a good fairy? A bad fairy?  The big bad wolf? Come in your most fabulous fairytale fantasy finery, or bring it with you and we'll start the magical primping transformation together early in special areas at 7:30. And later, save the magic forever-- Squeeze your whole poly-cule into the special photo booth room available for the occasion! (Please limit photos to the photo area.)

Potluck @ 5. food at 5:30, discussion at 6:30. ($5 Potluck only, sliding scale, Ecstatic Hour discount  pay early for More and it's only $5)
More! @ 8pm. ($10)

for more info, visit sexpositiveculture.org
This year's polycamp is going to be at Millersylvania State Park, Thursday August 27 - Sunday August 30th.  Go to our website for the registration forms and more info. 

We'll have cabins (yay!) and an industrial kitchen so that we can provide meals (yum!) and a private dock and swimming area on the lake (splash!) as well as covered outdoor workshop areas, an amphitheater, and plenty of room to run around, nature hikes etc. 

The cabin lay out is such that we'll be able to have more distinct adult and family camps this year, and you can choose to stay in a cabin or bring a tent. 

Costs are as follows: 
Site fee:    $10/per person, per day or $30 for the weekend… (This money goes directly to Millersylvania State Park. )

Registration Fee:
$15/per person, per day  or $45 for the weekend for a General Administration;
$5 per person per day for adults 60+ & teens 15-21.  ($15 for the weekend)
Children 14 and under, still free!
This covers our costs for equipment, entertainment, expenses, and pays for the registration for a few volunteers.

Meal tickets: $5 per meal, or $45 for the weekend

Day Trippers:
$25…advance registration includes two meal tickets, no camping
$15…at the door, no meal tickets, no camping

if you have questions, please either leave a comment here or drop me an email at polycampgoddess at gmail dot com


Come to Erosong House on Sunday December 7th around 1pm to discuss next year's Polycamp. 

* Get brought up to speed on our new venue, Millersylvania State Park
* Put in your two cents about what you'd like to see and do next year
* Help us plan the event with regards to fees, food & fun

Because we're in a new venue next year we have a lot of new opportunities and changes planned for Polycamp 2009.  Come be apart of camp from the beginning.  

Send me an email at polycampgoddess at yahoo dot you-know-what and I'll send you address and directions to Erosong house.


See you there

Polycamp Goddess

Going to Millersylvania

I'm going down to Millersylvania this morning to walk the site with the Park Ranger and fill my head and notebook with things we'll need to know for next year's Polycamp!

YAY for State Park!

Oh Frabjous Day! Callou Callay!

Polycamp will be at Millersylvania State Park next August! 

They've given us August 27th - 30th (which is a Thursday thru Sunday.  I'll be publishing more details soon.  I've got a call into the Ranger's office there to set up a meeting with the Environmental Learning Center so that we'll be on top of what our resources are and responsibilities. 

The ELC comes with the following resources:Collapse )
Where is Millersylvania?  Why it's here.  In the Olympia part of the world, just 5 minutes off of I-5.  Very convenient, yes? 

I'm really excited about this folks.  This is a great opportunity to make Polycamp really accessible to all aspects of the Poly community around here.    After I meet with the Park Rangers I'll be putting out a "Town Hall" meeting for folks who want to chime in on potential changes to Polycamp.  Things like providing meals or expanding some activities.  We'll have the opportunity now that we're scheduled in From Thursday onward to have two full days of activities on Friday and Saturday.  We'll need to discuss carpools and transportation and I don't know what all. 

Please drop me a line anytime if you have any suggestions on moving forward. 

hugs to all!!!