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Sunday, September 4 · 2:00pm - 5:00pm

CSPC Annex, 1608 15th Ave. W. Seattle, WA 98119

Created By
Sar Surmick & Beth Runnerwolf

More Info
Join us to learn how to better communicate about complex and difficult topics with your family, your partners, your partners’ partners, or any number of other people. This workshop will help you say what you mean, get honest feedback, and to work through problems more effectively.

Cost: $20. (This is an FSPC-sponsored workshop. CSPC discounts do not apply.)


Ride from Train Station?

Hi, all --

I've got an Amtrak ticket that'll get me into Olympia at 4:42pm tomorrow, Thursday NEW RESERVATION: 2:07pm Friday afternoon. And when I just called 'em on the phone, they tell me I can't take my bike with me.

Is there anyone who can give me a ride from the train station to the camp? And, hopefully, back again sometime Sunday before the train home leaves at 6:50pm? I'm reachable at 541-777-0099 if you want to discuss it.




      Being new to polycamp this year, I thought that I should introduce myself and  see if there's anything I might be able to offer to help with the future of polycamp. :) 

My name is Heather, and I just last year moved from Lynnwood to Tacoma for Looooooove, big, shmoopy love. :) I had briefly started getting involved with the Snohomish area pagan community when I moved, and hadn't yet found the poly community. Rob and I had just found out about polycamp on Thursday, and only made it for Saturday/ Sunday, but it was a wonderful experience. I loved the family feel, and we wish we had found you all years ago.

I also do a _lot_ of historical reenactment, including organizing events and last year helped create a specialty event for those interested in historical cooking. I've organized events for 30-1,000 attendees and cooked camp kitchens that fed 50, and 5 course feasts that fed 120. I'm just as happy being a helper monkey as organizer or head chef, so If you need help with event or food planning or just an extra pair of hands, let me know. :)  

Polycamp wrap up

My camp experience under the cut tags.  No LJ names because it will just take too much brain space..


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FridayCollapse )




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SundayCollapse )


I hope Polycamp continues in one form or another. Personally I’m planning on going to Polycamp Too up in BC next summer and if folks take up Polycamp NW and make it continue I’ll be there too. 


Hugs to everyone.


All my love




I had a great time at Polycamp again this year. Possibly the best one so far. Not sure.

I remember Friday Creek having some sort of racing noise at the speedway, so this Millersyvannia was so quiet in comparison, but I wear ear plugs so I did not hear the shooting in the quarry, but hey they caught the kids doing it so that is good.

Kareoke seemed better this time with the dance space. I totally think the vibe was better. All singing that I heard was great! I left early to go star gaze and read a book but I got up there twice and Devo and Tenneseee Ernie Ford will never be the same. (^:=

The food was great for most everyone I talked to. Someone left the ice cream out and it melted to liquid, but I put it into the freezer to reharden. Then I took it home with me since I saved it. But my car got too hot around Tacoma, so I stopped at a friend's house and gave it to them after eating a few spoonfuls. LOL

The canooooooooooooe excursion was great! Shoe horned it in and got some good arm exercise while watching the white duck, regular looking duck, dragonflies, lush shrub reflections, and faraway voices on the shore. Wish there was some code to unlock the canoes and the shed instead of having just one key for all of us to share.

I only got two mosquito bites, so that was great news. Anyone else get bit ?

The tent got a little damp this year, but nothing we couldn't handle. I can see the allure of a cabin, but I like to sleep next to my sweetie not above them in a bunk bed.

Wish I took more towels. And I forgot my loaf of bread as well. I made do.

The dome was cool as it got used for the Poly and Queer panel. But wish it was there on Thursday of course....

I guess the knives were not that sharp in the kitchen, but otherwise it had tons of stuff and gadgets galore.

Sometimes I was not sure what the bell was ringing for. Mostly it was great for meals and a wake up alarm. 7am was perfect for me to wake up.

Hope I didn't leave anything there, but I looked into the lost and found box and did not see anything of mine. Did someone lose a camera ? It was in the box. Also there was a dark blue fuzzy jacket if I recall...

Super over all. Loved it!! (^:=


Hooray, camp tomorrow

I have tons to get done today, but am looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend at camp.

You can reach me via email today, and phone tomorrow.

hugs all


Just two weeks

It totally sneaked up on me, but Polycamp is only two weeks away!

Pre-registration is closed but there's still plenty of room available to camp and in the cabins - we're only half-full for the ELC capacity. Registration & site fee combined is $25 per day payable in cash ONLY at the door. Or day-trip on Friday or Saturday for just $15. (we can't provide meals to you at this time, but you're welcome to bring your own food. There's space in the refridgerators if needed.)

Site ammenities include:
Lake with boats, nature trails, old growth forest, outdoor classrooms, amptheater......

Some of our activites include:
Showing of "Family" series & the DVD release party
Workshops, arts n crafts, seminars,
activites for adults only (hubba hubba), and things for kids too!
drum circle, dancing, and more.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at polycampgoddess@gmail.com



Get your registrations in!

Polycamp pre-reg is ending soon!  (i.e. July 31st) 
We know that a lot of folks are having trouble with money this year; if you want to get your forms in and at *least* the money for any meals you want us to provide by the 31st, you can pay the rest of the registration and site fee by August 15th.  This will help us know numbers of who to expect.  Any money sent in will NOT be refundable
Send your forms and checks or money orders to: 
Polycamp NW LLC
12345 Lake City Way NE #369
Seattle, WA  98125
If you have any trouble downloading forms, please send me an email (polycampgoddess at gmail) and I will send the forms directly to you. 
We only have a few scholarships left for volunteers so if you're wanting one of those, get your forms in right away! 
And here's a list of places I or my minyons will be this weekend if you want to hand forms over: 
I will be at the Vixy and Tony concert tonight (Friday) at Wayward Cafe;
Saturday Marcus H. will (hopefully) be going to the Poly Field Day in Ravenna Park and Sunday to Jenboi's Light Rail Party
You can give your registrations either to Moonstorm or Richard Gilmore at the Poly Potluck and More Party on Sunday;
Hope you're having a great weekend!
tree and her minyons